As a CSRO Investigator you will be joining a community of researchers and academic participants in the UCSD division of Calit2. This is a special group of people who recognize the value of collaboration, openness to new ideas and a willingness to ensure the success of the institute as a whole. If you are not already a Calit2 academic participant, a completed CSRO Investigator Agreement is a requirement for UCSD researchers who want to apply for support under the CSRO program. Please review the guidelines and benefits carefully, and if you have questions, please email the program committee at Otherwise, provide your name, department, email address and date in the form at the bottom of this page, then upload your CV (PDF only), and click the Submit button. After doing so, you will be considered a CSRO Investigator and an Academic Participant in Calit2.


a. As a part of the broader Calit2 UCSD research community, institute leadership may occasionally call on you for advice about Calit2's research agenda and other issues;

b. Calit2 may reference your participation in presentations to Calit2 partners and sponsors with due acknowledgment;

c. Investigators are asked to acknowledge Calit2 in any publications (conference papers, journal articles, or publicity releases) relating to CSRO-funded projects;

d. It is hoped that all Calit2 investigators will familiarize themselves with the institute's mission and strategic plan in order to refer to Calit2 when appropriate in related meetings and presentations;

e. Calit2 hosts internal and external events (e.g., all-hands meetings, retreats, workshops) to encourage future collaborations across disciplines, and the institute encourages participation in such events when possible; and

f. Calit2 operates the UC San Diego Research Intelligence Portal ( and will establish a profile on that website for any academic participants who are not already listed there.


Calit2 created the CSRO program in response to your needs as a researcher. We are constantly expanding our capabilities and resources to be of value to the UCSD community. You are invited to suggest any additions or changes in our processes to better serve your needs. A UC San Diego researcher not already affiliated with Calit2 can sign this agreement and thereby become an academic participant in Calit2. In addition to gaining eligibility to respond to propose a project under the CSRO program, academic participants gain other benefits including:

a. Access to Calit2 shared physical and virtual facilities, including conference rooms, videoconferencing facilities, event and meeting spaces, visualization displays, etc., subject to availability. Some of the common spaces are supervised by Calit2 staff and/or appropriate committees and come with usage fees. As a CSRO Investigator you will be able to apply for cost-sharing grants to help defray some of these fees;

b. Access to Calit2 core laboratories. Most Calit2 labs are monitored and supervised by "functional area" leaders or faculty committees. You will be able to contact them and schedule your use of the resources as appropriate. As with facilities, use of core laboratories is subject to usage fees;

c. Access to Calit2 services and resources: Calit2 offers a variety of services to academic participants, including event and project support, IT services, communications, support for grant proposals, multimedia production, and more. Some but not all of these services are offered on a recharge basis; and

d. Exposure of your research endeavor to Calit2 industry partners, governmental agencies as well as private foundations for potential funding.

By filling in the boxes below and uploading my CV, I agree to the CSRO Investigator Agreement and wish to participate as a CSRO Investigator and Academic Participant in Calit2.

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